At MSC, our commitment to training runs deep.  Bill Messerschmidt teaches HVEDR Data Analysis both individually and through the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.  Ben Smith is a regular lecturer at his Alma Matter, the University of Southern Mississippi, and has taught forensic science seminars across the Southeast.  As a company, MSC partners with local police agencies to bring the nation's best instructors into Mississippi and Alabama.  In 2017, MSC sponsored training classes taught by: Mr. Andy Rich, Mr. Roman Beck, and Dr. Jeffery Muttart.  Other instructors we've brought to the Deep South include Dr. Rudi Limpert, Mr. Rusty Haight, and Mr. Mike Merolli.  

We look forward to bringing more of North America's best instructors to Alabama and Mississippi in 2018, and Bill & Ben are currently finalizing arrangements to teach courses in British Columbia, Calgary, California, Nevada, Mississippi, and Alabama.



Upcoming Training


Pix4D & UAS Remote Pilot Test Prep, Ground School and Public Safety Flight Training

Hattiesburg, MS June 17-21, 2019

Training provided by Andrew Klane from Forensic Mapping Solutions, Inc., an FAA Certified Remote Pilot / ACTAR accredited reconstructionist.

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