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Pedestrian & Bicycle Crash Investigations

Octpber 9-13 2017 - Pelham Alabama


Class Topics

  • Pedestrian & cyclist impact dynamics
  • Recognize, document, and interpret physical evidence from vehicles, bodies, and the roadway.
  • Basic mathematics needed for reconstruction and speed analysis.
  • Assessing damage to bicycles and injuries to pedestrians.
  • Human factors, of Ped/Bike crashes
  • Cyclist “standard of care” and prudent operation standards.

Course objective: to properly and thoroughly investigate roadway crashes between pedestrians and bikes. Instruction Method: this course uses Mr. Beck’s book as an outline and emphasizes Case Studies and Hands-On Testing to ensure that each student  leaves with usable skills in his or her toolbox.

Course Materials: a copy of Bicycle Crash Investigations is included in the tuition, and students will receive various PowerPoints, handouts, and photos to supplement their materials.

Class Instructor: Mr. Roman Beck, Beck Forensics, San Diego California

Download a printable brochure for the class from this link