William Messerschmidt

Principal Analyst / Partner

William Messerschmidt is a former police officer and traffic homicide investigator. After serving the City of Auburn with distinction for 8 years, Mr. Messerschmidt left government service to work with the late Dr. Edward L. Robinson where his work was focused on the investigation and analysis of commercial and heavy vehicle crashes. While working alongside the physicists and engineers at Robinson & Associates, Bill was introduced to Dr. Jeffery Muttart and almost immediately went back to school for the study of Human Factors Psychology and Engineering.

Today, Bill’s Accident Reconstruction work focuses on two areas: the analysis of vehicle electronic data (“black box data”) and the application of Human Factors science to crash analysis.

Bill has taught Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder classes throughout the US and Canada to private engineers and law enforcement organizations ranging from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (Birmingham AL) to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Surrey, British Columbia. He also actively teaches courses on Human Factors and Commercial Vehicle crash investigations.

Outside of work, Bill is active in his church and contributes personally and as a Partner in MSC to Food for the Poor, a Christian relief agency specializing in helping the needy in Latin America and the Caribbean. Away from work, Bill enjoys back country hiking, camping, and spending time with his two kids: Cate and Erich.


Bachelor of Arts, Economics Auburn University, 1998

Master of Public Administration, Columbus State University, 2002

Master of Science, Human Factors Psychology, The University of Idaho, 2017

Professional Affiliations

Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) #1372

National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

Society of Automotive Engineers