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This course is closed to officers of Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Heavy Vehicle EDR Preservation and Analysis

February 19 - 23 - Surrey, British Columbia

Class Topics

  • Forensic Link Adapter Certification Training
  • TruckCrypt Certification Training
  • Other HVEDR Software
  • Physical Inspection for HVEDR Validation
  • Comparing Electronic and Physical Evidence
  • Speed Validation and Accuracy
  • Limitations of HVEDR Data


Instruction Methods 

  • Real-world, problem-solving written exercises
  • Hands-on Vehicle Inspections
  • Hands-on HVEDR / ECM Downloads (“reads”)



Bill Messerschmidt has taught HVEDR for 9 years, at Tulsa and Northwestern Universities.

He has published several research papers and spoken on HVEDR technology in the US,

Canada, and Germany.


Greg Wilcoxan is retired Washington State Police Officer and and nationally recognized expert in HVEDR technologies. 


This is a closed course